Chapter IV. - Bazaar


Merchant is offering goods in form of whitelists, items, exclusive cosmetics and accessories, nfts, tokens, merchandise, tickets for events and much more. The store is accessible to every holder of Steam Lords only. Merchant’s goods will be refreshed every 24h. Items for sale will be chosen randomly every day.
Buy WL, IRL Items, Tickets to IRL events and much more!


Merchandise 👕 - We’re dedicated to delivering the best quality custom merchandise. Let everyone know that you are a member of Steamland! Merch will be exclusive to the Steamland holders, limited amount will be accessible every month for $STEAM and SOL.
Events 🎟 - We’ll be hosting unique IRL events, full of gaming competitions and fun. Tickets for the events will be purchasable for $STEAM only in order to keep the event exclusive to the holders and holders being able to buy/sell tickets for their friends and families.


Bazaar is the official marketplace of Steamland. Trade every Steamland related item or any external web3 assets with $STEAM. Simply take your item, set the price, list it on the bazaar, and collect your $STEAM. You can buy and sell items obtainable in games from the Steamland Servers. Explore this unique economy in person.
Trade at Bazaar, a marketplace for everyone interested in a trade with $STEAM.