Chapter II. - The Citadel


Steamlanders use a unique technique of harvesting clouds in order to get the water necessary for the creation of steam. This way is Steamland always able to keep the engines running without touching the surface. Use your Steamlander to harvest a $STEAM. Harvesting awards you daily for every Steamlander you send to harvest. You can withdraw your Steamlanders from Harvesting without losing the $STEAM earned.

Mechanics 🌾

Steamlander can gather 5 $STEAM per day by harvesting.
Steam Lord can gather 10 $STEAM per day by upgraded harvesting.


Steam is obtainable by harvesting, expeditions & competitions.
Steam is the hearth of Steamland. It’s powering the entire ecosystem of the city. Since every machine is running on steam, Steamlanders appreciate it more than gold. Use your steam for upgrades, raffles, auctions, and purchases within the flying city.

Steamland's STEAM on Solscan


Upgrade your Steamlander to the proper Lord! Use $STEAM you gathered to upgrade your NFT to the next level. Your Steam Lords will gain access to expeditions and unlock the unique animated version with obtainable animated backgrounds.
Steam Lords are the upgraded version of Steamlanders.

Steam Lord benefits:

  • Generating more $STEAM (2x)
  • Animated version of your Steam Lord
  • Unlocking Expeditions
Steamlander is upgradable to Steam Lord for 1000 $STEAM